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Lauren Irwin-Szostak

Professional Overview

About Lauren Irwin-Szostak

Lauren Irwin-Szostak is a highly experienced professional whose career spans over 25 years in the collections industry. She founded Business Processes Redefined, LLC (BPR) in 2007 and has served as its President ever since.

BPR is a leading firm in the receivables industry which services companies of all sizes in a diverse range of industries. With a competitive, results-oriented business model and a national network of experienced and trustworthy collection agencies, BPR delivers new levels of profitability for numerous Fortune 1,000-level clients. BPR has steadily grown its impact, partnering with other companies to provide its clients with the most effective and technologically savvy tools for their collection needs.

A true entrepreneur, Ms. Irwin-Szostak launched numerous companies prior to BPR, including Strategic Advantage Associates Inc. (SAA), a holding company in the receivables management industry, and NCB Inc. (NCB), a full-service collection agency. SAA eventually acquired U.S. Financial Recoveries Inc. (USFR), and subsequently merged NCB into USFR. She also served as an independent consultant to MRS Associates Inc., a large collection agency headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Prior to forming her own companies, Ms. Irwin-Szostak served as the central legal manager for Capital Credit Corporation, for which she managed collection litigation for all branch offices nationwide. She also served as a senior collection consultant for Integrated Health Services, Inc. in Hunt Valley, Maryland; a collection supervisor for The May Company in New York City, and a collector with the Professional Adjustment Bureau and the Law Offices of David A. Faloni, Esq., in Wayne, New Jersey.


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Ms. Irwin-Szostak has paved an extensive career path, spanning a variety of professional services. No matter what challenge she takes on, her approach to business is built on pillars of mutual respect and positivity between her and her colleagues. As she often says, at BPR, “we’re all about each other” — from high-level company values like fair employment to day-to-day interactions between employees. This mindset has driven individual and collective success at each step of her career, and in turn delivered higher levels of success for her clients.

On this blog, Ms. Irwin-Szostak will share her insights into entrepreneurship, business development, the importance of company culture, and much more. Stay tuned for new posts. For more information about her, please visit her industry news blog or her personal blog.