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Entrepreneurship is glamorized in the media. If you’ve considered trading in your day job to become an entrepreneur and live life on your own terms, you probably understand that entrepreneurship isn’t as easy as it’s often portrayed. Entrepreneurs are hard-working, goal-driven individuals who will stop at nothing to achieve their vision. You’re no stranger to hard work and dedication, but you may be unsure how to tell when it’s time to commit to such a huge lifestyle change. Here are four reasons why becoming an entrepreneur may be the right choice for you.

None of the jobs you’ve had align with your passions or interests
You should not chain yourself to a job you dislike or which doesn’t excite you. As an entrepreneur, you can design the life you want to live through your business endeavors. Creating your own schedule, processes, policies, and goals, while working toward something you created, will likely trigger a dramatic positive shift in your life. Entrepreneurs choose with whom to partner, when to say no, and what time they get up in the morning. Having control over your life will change it for the better.

You’ve never felt happy working a 9-5
Many people enjoy the structure and predictability of a corporate or retail job, and that’s perfectly okay! But you may not be meant to sit at a desk or work according to someone else’s plan. If that’s true, no matter how high you rise in the ranks, working for someone else’s dream will never light a fire within you. The entrepreneurial lifestyle involves many challenges, especially initially. No one is going to lay the groundwork for your business and build a following for you. You’ll likely work harder than anyone you know for quite some time, but in a few years, you may well reap the rewards.

You have a burning idea
You may have ideas related to products or services at your current job. Maybe your dreams and ideas are entirely unrelated to what you do, but you think about them regularly. You’re always asking yourself, “What if?”, or daydreaming about what your life would be like if you pursued your ideas. If you have an idea that keeps forcing its way into your thoughts and dreams, it may be a sign that you’re ready to take a leap of faith and become an entrepreneur.

You want to do something more meaningful
If any of the above statements apply to you, you probably feel restless at your current job. Feeling that the work you do isn’t contributing to the greater good, or that your hard work isn’t improving your quality of life, can cause you to burn out. If you become an entrepreneur, you’ll start to make your most exciting ideas become a reality. Nothing is more motivating than seeing your hard work pay off, reaching your goals, and building your dream.